Cider & Perry


Welcome to the Cider Bar for Wigan CAMRA Beer Festival 2018. All of the products we stock contain only pressed fruit, and there are no concentrates and no artificial carbonation. We have ciders (made only from apples), perry (made from pears), and some fruit ciders (which are apples blended with fruit). Ciders are made from either blended apple varieties or single varieties. If you see an unusual name, its likely to be the name of a specific apple variety. If you are unsure, please ask a friendly cider bar volunteer who will be happy to help you find the perfect cider tipple. Finally, please remember to drink responsibly, some of the products here are much stronger than you may be used to!

We also have Hecks Mead (14.5%) available by 1/3rd Pint measure. This comes from Hecks who keep bee hives in their orchards to encourage the cross-pollination that the apple trees require. Mead is the lovely by-product that the honey bees produce, whilst doing the more important job of helping with the cider crop. We can’t offer tasters of Mead, but do recommend you give it a try at least once. It’s delicious!

Sam (Cider Bar Manager)

CIDER & PERRY (provisional list, subject to change)

Ampleforth Abbey : Medium (6.5%) [North Yorkshire]
Ben Crossmans : Sweet (6.0%) [Somerset]
Biddenden’s : Bushels (6.0%) [Kent]
Bridge Farm : Sweet (6.5%) [Somerset]
Double Vision : Sweet (7.4%) [Kent]
Green Valley : Cyder (5.5%) [Devon]
Gwatkins : Norman (7.5%) [Herefordshire]
Gwatkins : Stoke Red (7.5%) [Herefordshire]
Gwynt-y-Ddraig : Autumn Magic (Blackcurrant) (4.0%) [Somerset]
Gwynt-y-Ddraig : Blackdragon (7.2%) [Wales]
Gwynt-y-Ddraig : Two Trees (4.5%) [Wales]
Hecks : Blakeney Red (6.0%) [Somerset]
Hecks : Broadleaf Jersey (6.5%) [Somerset]
Hecks : Dunkertons Late Sweet (6.5%) [Somerset]
Hecks : Hendre Huffcap (6.0%) [Somerset]
Hecks : Kingston Black (6.5%) [Somerset]
Hecks : Porters Perfection (6.5%) [Somerset]
Hecks : PW of Glastonbury (6.5%) [Somerset]
Kent : Rhubarb (5.0%) [Kent]
Kent : Elderflower (5.5%) [Kent]
Millwhites : Strawberry (4.0%) [Somerset]
Nempnett : Somerset Redstreak (7.0%) [Somerset]
Newton Court : Hereford Blended Cider (6.0%) [Herefordshire]
Newton Court : Whisky Cask Perry (tbc%) [Herefordshire]
Oliver’s : Blended Perry (6.0%) [Herefordshire]
Oliver’s : Yarlington Mill (6.0%) [Herefordshire]
Skidbrooke : Captain Cobbler (6.0%) [Lincolnshire]
Thornborough : Cider (6.0%) [North Yorkshire]
Tutts Clump : Cranberry (4.0%) [Berkshire]
Tutts Clump : Mango (4.0%) [Berkshire]
Tutts Clump : Traditional Farmhouse (6.0%) [Berkshire]
Westcroft : Janet’s Jungle Juice (6.0%) [Somerset]
Winkleigh : Sam’s Medium (6.0%) [Devon]
Winkleigh : Sam’s Raspberry (4.0%) [Devon]
Ventons : Skippy’s Scrumpy (6.5%) [Devon]