Real Ale


BANK TOP : Dark Mild (4.0%) [Mild]
A full-bodied dark mild with hints of liquorice and roast barley.

BEWDLEY : William Mucklow’s Dark Mild (6.0%) [Mild]
Brewed in honour of the late William Mucklow who was the last commercial brewer in Bewdley and ceased brewing in 1912.

BLACK LODGE : Extended Universe (4.6%) [American Brown] {vegan}
A post modern brown ale hoppy with hints of nuts.

BLACKEDGE : Black Stout (4.0%) [Stout]
A velvety stout with intense roasted barley flavours and rich undertones of chocolate and coffee with liquorice finish.

BREW YORK : Tonkoko (4.3%) [Coconut & Tonka Milk Stout]
Liquid Bounty! one silky smooth and indulgent milk stout.

BREWSMITH : Oatmeal Stout (5.2%) [Oatmeal Stout]
A full bodied, richly textured stout. Balanced bitterness. Coffee, liquorish, blackcurrant and citrus aromas.

BRISTOL BEER FACTORY : Milk Stout (4.5%) [Milk Stout]
Multi award-winning; Smooth chocolatey sweetness and balancing bitterness with hints of dark fruits.

CARNIVAL : Urban Shaker (4.5%) [Oatmeal Stout] {vegan}
Quite a bitter oatmeal stout, it’s like a pint of liquid 80% chocolate.

CLAY BROW : Mr P’s Milky Mocha Stout (5.7%) [Milk Stout]
A coffee and milk stout that is blended with 7 different malts and infused with cold brewed Guatemalan & Sumatran coffee beans.

CLAY BROW : Mrs P’s Black IPA (6.0%) [Black IPA]
A Black IPA, a balance between malt and hops. Hopped with Centennial, Mosaic & Vic Secret.

CLOUDWATER : I Don’t Know What it is (4.5%) [Brown] {vegan}
A classic Brown Ale with flavours of chocolate, roast and subtle smokiness.

GOOD CHEMISTRY : Storms Pass (4.3%) [Brown]
A rich and malty beer brewed on the sweet side, it’s just the thing while you’re waiting for it all to blow over…

GREAT HECK : Black Jesus (6.5%) [Black IPA]
Black as the coal mined from beneath the brewery, Black Jesus is a Black IPA brewed with biblical quantities of premium American hops and special dehusked German roasted malt.

HOP SHED : Pheonix (5.2%) [Porter]
Hints of chocolate malt combined with molasses and Phoenix hops create a bittersweet, dark ale.

HOPHURST : Porteresque Irish Cream (5.5%) [Milk Porter]
Extremely dark in colour with a dense Irish Cream flavouring.

MAYFLOWER : Lancashire Stout (4.0%) [Stout]
Award winning traditional English Stout; dark, smoky and dry.

NEPTUNE : Mohana (5.3%) [Breakfast Stout]
New Breakfast Stout with Columbian coffee beans and chocolate.

NIGHTJAR : In Space No One Can Hear You Moo (4.5%) [Stout]
A dark creamy milk stout from over the Pennines.

NORTH RIDING : Marshmallow Mild (4.3%) [Marshmallow Mild]
Dark mild made with five different malts and English Bramling Cross, then infused post fermentation with natural marshmallow flavouring.

NORTHERN MONKEY : Film Club (6.0%) [Popcorn Stout]
A full on rich and velvety stout, with prominent popcorn flavours. Dessert in a glass!

POMONA ISLAND : Porter (5.7%) [Porter] {vegan}
A balanced, easy to drink porter.

PROSPECT : Nutty Slack (3.9%) [Mild] {vegan}
A dark smooth, smoky malty taste bursting with the aromas of chocolate and roasted coffee.

REVOLUTIONS : Swoon (4.5%) [Chocolate Fudge Stout]
Multi-award winning sweet stout with the moreish flavour of chocolate fudge.

SERIOUS : Moonlight (4.5%) [Stout] {vegan}
A silky smooth oatmeal stout with chocolate notes and a bitter hop finish.

SHINY : Wrench (4.4%) [Stout] {gluten free} {vegan}
Stout with 6 different malts for a complex and rich flavour profile.

SIREN CRAFT : Cold Blooded (5.0%) [Porter]
Expect roasty notes layered amongst subtle smoke, coffee and dark chocolate. A silky smooth finish with a satisfying richness.

SOUTHPORT : Dark Night (3.9%) [Dark Mild]
Named in memory of the Mexico shipping disaster (1886), the worst in the history of the RNLI with 27 lifeboatmen lost.

TORRSIDE : Valour (7.7%) [Heritage Imperial Stout] {vegan}
Expect a smoky dark brew that will pack a punch.

TOTALLY BREWED : Man with the Mild in His Eyes (4.8%) [Mild]
A post modernist mild, expect a hoppy twist to the classic style.

TWISTED WHEEL : Big Black Smoke (4.9%) [Porter]
A rich and warming dark porter. Smooth and creamy with treacle helping to produce a hint of smokiness in the finish.

VOCATION : Chocolate Factory (6.0%) [Scrumdiddlyumptious Stout]
Scrumdiddlyumptious Stout. Brewed with pure imagination and mixed by waterfall, a tremendous, milky, chocolately treat is in store for you.

WIGAN BREWHOUSE : Mad Monk (7.1%) [Imperial Russian Stout]
Smooth, heavy and fruity. Like a winter warmer in stout form! Bloody lovely!

WILDE CHILD : Event Horizon (5.1%) [Cherry Oatmeal Stout]
Beware of the ‘Event Horizon’ because once you pass the point of no return, there’s no coming back. A ton of oats combined with 20kg of sweet cherry puree and concentrated extract will ensure you’re not bothered about crossing that line.

WILY FOX : Dublin Up (4.5%) [Stout]
A rich and moreish, ebony coloured Irish Oatmeal Stout.

WINDERMERE : Little Black Dog (7.0%) [Dark]
A brand new beer from the Lake District, expect something dark and moreish.

WISHBONE x CROOKED : Fancy Pants (4.7%) [Black IPA] {vegan}
A dark Indian ale, full of dank hops balanced nicely with a good malt backbone.

WYLAM : Midnight on Temple Street (5.0%) [Chocolate Stout]
Chocolate Oatmeal Stout, bouncy and soft on the palate with spongy layers of dark cocoa, worn leather, cigar smoke and chocolate gâteau.


71 BREWING : Cloud Fall (4.5%) [American Pale]
Get your head out of the clouds, and get those clouds in your mouth with a twist on the classic American Pale Ale

71 BREWING : Left Coast (5.4%) [West Coast IPA]
“Take the highway that is best, follow the Left Coast, way out west”. Classic American Simcoe, Citra and Chinook hops are married to a rich malt backbone.

BANK TOP : Flat Cap (4.0%) [Pale]
A pale bitter with a citrus aroma and a hoppy citrus finish.

BEATNIKZ REPUBLIC : Captain Planet (3.8%) [Extra Pale] {vegan}
Hazy pale ale brewed in collaboration with Sandbar. Hopped with Ekuanot, El Dorado and Galaxy.

BEATNIKZ REPUBLIC : Comeback Tour (4.5%) [Pale] {vegan}
American pale ale, hopped with the 3 ‘C’s: Comet, Centenial & Cascade.

BEER BROTHERS : Session IPA (v4.1) (3.9%) [Session IPA]
An easy drinking well balanced SIPA.

BEWDLEY : SVR Jubilee Ale (4.3%) [Pale]
Brewed to commemorate the Severn Valley Railway’s Golden Jubilee year in 2015.

BLACKEDGE : APA (4.1%) [DDH Pale]
Expect floral and tropical fruit flavours and aroma.

BLACK LODGE : That Boy Needs Therapy (4.6%) [DDH Pale] {vegan}
A double dry hopped delight from this innovative brewery.

BREW YORK : Haze of Thunder (4.6%) [Hazy Pale]
American Pale Ale, brewed with CTZ, Mosaic, Loral & Simcoe hops.

BREWSMITH : New Zealand Pale (4.2%) [NZ Pale]Pale Ale with pronounced floral and pine aromas. Assertively bitter. Pours slightly hazy.

BRIGGS SIGNATURE ALES : Oompah (5.0%) [Hefeweizen]
Made from all German ingredients, it is naturally cloudy It has moreish aromas of orange and clove, quaffable flavours of smooth rich orange. Delicious!

BRISTOL BEER FACTORY : Higher State (4.2) [American Pale]
This pint will be aromatic, citrussy, piney and have commonalities with an American IPA whilst coming in at a moderate 4.2% ABV.

CARNIVAL : Macau (5.4%) [Oat Cream Pistachio Pale] {vegan}
You’ll be nuts to not shell out for this little cracker. Not suitable for people with nut allergies sadly, but totally suitable for vegans.

COACH HOUSE : Blueberry (5.0%) [Fruit Pale]
A classic bittersweet golden ale with hints of juicy blueberries.

COACH HOUSE : Elderflower (4.1%) [Fruit Pale]
A thirst-quenching refreshing blonde ale with hints of citrus and grapefruit.

COACH HOUSE : Toffee (5.0%) [Fruit Pale]
A pale, straw-coloured beer with a pleasing toffee note evident in the nose and palate.

CRANKSHAFT : Flywheel (4.3%) [Slovenian hopped IPA]
Brewed with Slovenian hops this light golden beer is a tropical fruity IPA with sweet undertones and complex aromas of mango and elderflower.

CRANKSHAFT : Propshaft (3.8) [Golden Ale]
A Lancashire Golden Ae Brewed with classic English hops, this light ale has earthy notes whilst being tasty at 3.8%.

ELECTRIC BEAR : Back to the Roots (4.5%) [Bitter] {vegan}
Smooth and nutty with comforting malt tones complemented by classic British hops Fuggle & Jester. Perfect for ‘Suppin’ down Pub’.

ELECTRIC BEAR : Where dreams are made (4.4%) [Pale] {vegan}
A hoppy juicy pale beer – a treat for your taste buds.

FARMYARD ALES : Chaff (4.7%) [Tropical IPA]
A sessionable, yet aromatically flamboyant beer. The new world hops have a party with your senses.

FARMYARD ALES : Jeans and a Nice Hop (4.5%) [NEIPA]
Flavours such as peaches, berries & tropical fruits with a herbal aroma to set it all off. Three way collab between Farm Yard Ales, Chain House Brewing Co. & Preston Beer Girls.

FIRST CHOP : JAM (4.0%) [Mango Pale] {gluten-free} {vegan}
Gluten Free Mango pale ale.

FIRST CHOP : POW (4.1%) [Session IPA] {gluten-free} {vegan}
Full bodied but sessionable double dry hopped juicy IPA.

GOOD CHEMISTRY : Common Thread (4.2%) [American Pale]
Full bodied pale ale with a crisp bitterness, featuring an ever-changing hop profile.

HOP SHED : Frizzle (4.5%) [IPA]
Rich golden colour with a fruity, floral hop aroma and a significant hoppy bitterness.

HOPHURST : Citra & Mosaic Milkshake IPA (4.5%) [Milkshake IPA]
Unfined Citra & Mosaic Hops create a zesty creamy IPA.

MALLINSONS : Ra Ra Liberation (4.4%) [Pale]
Expect a pale hoppy treat.

MARBLE : Pint (3.9%) [Pale] {vegan}
This beer promises a burst of zesty aromas, uplifting grapefruit flavours and a subtle lemongrass finish.

MARBLE : Rapid (5.8%) [Vienna IPA] {vegan}
Lager malts used in the brew for a subtle hop.

MARTLAND MILL : D-Day Dodger (4.1%) [Amber]
Lovely beer with a nice fruity aftertaste of plum and damson.

MARTLAND MILL : Lancashire Loom (4.2%) [Pale]
A traditional Lancashire ale to quench the thirst.

MAYFLOWER : Wigan Bier (4.2%) [Pale]
Full-bodied, yet light on the palate. Azacca hops give a fresh aroma and a delicate sweetness.

NEEPSEND : Demeter (6.0%) [IPA]
Brewed with spelt, wheat and oats.

NEEPSEND : Tawa (4.3%) [Pale]
Pale ale with a pithy bitterness with soft & delicate fruity notes of orange, peach, citrus and stone fruit.

NEPTUNE : Ezili (4.0%) [Pale] {vegan}
Light pale. Centennial & Mosaic hops combine to give a lemon tropical taste sensation.

NIGHTJAR : You Had Me at Hazy (5.9%) [Juicy IPA] {vegan}
A juicy hazy creamy feel with flavours of stone fruit & pineapple.

NORTH RIDING : Wakatu (4.5%) [NZ Pale]
A single hopped pale ale from Pouting Stu the Brew.

NORTHERN MONKEY : Fall from Grace (4.0%) [Pale]
Pale ale with soft mouthfeel and tropical fruit notes.

PEERLESS : Pale (3.8%) [Pale]
Pale session ale. Good initial bitterness and a hint of grapefruit on the finish.

PEERLESS : Peninsula IPA (5.7%) [IPA]
Good initial hop bitterness followed up with a fruity, citrus finish.

POMONA ISLAND : Pale (mosaic & chinook) (3.8%) [Pale] {vegan}
A fruity pale ale from these innovative young brewers.

PROBLEM CHILD : Big Girls Blouse (3.8%) [Pale]
Easy Session Ale, brewed in Parbold.

PROBLEM CHILD : Vandal (3.8%) [Pale]
A quaffable traditional bitter beer from this local brewery.

PROSPECT : March Maehem (4.9%) [Pale]
A new beer from this local favourite.

PROSPECT : Silver Tally (3.7%) [Pale]
A clean, pale golden beer with citrus aromas and full hop flavour, and a dry bitter finish.

REDWILLOW : Faithless 133 (4.6%) [dry hopped craft lager]
Unfiltered craft lager dry hopped with Hersbrucker and Hallertau Blanc.

REVOLUTIONS : Switch #19 (4.5%) [Pale]
Golden pale with a ‘switching’ hop profile. Issue #19 hopped with Sorachi Ace, Wai-iti & Ernest.

RIVINGTON : Another Night in a Row (4.5%) [Pale] {vegan}
A super duper massively fruity pale, Feel the love!

RIVINGTON : Clouded Eyes (4.2%) [Pale] {vegan}
Hazy amber with a lightish and easy palatable tropical fruitiness.

SERIOUS : Prime – Liberty (4.2%) [Pale]
Part of their single hop series, this one is bursting with, yes you guessed it, Liberty Hops.

SHINY : Neutrino (5.3%) [Hazy IPA]
A hazy New Zealand-hopped IPA – Wai-iti, Motueka & Nelson Sauvin.

SHINY : Thunder Bridge (3.7%) [Session IPA]
A fresh tropical mouthstrike that combines a modest ABV with a big IPA flavour. Naturally hazy, thunderingly juicy!

SIREN CRAFT : Refractions (4.2%) [Session IPA]
Refreshingly balanced, with a soft mouthfeel, delicate bitterness and a beautiful hazy pour in the glass.

SOUTHPORT : Sandgrounder (3.8%) [Copper]
Pale, hoppy session bitter with floral character.

SWAN : Blonde (3.7%) [Pale]
Light and refreshing. Pairs well with front porch sitting on dog day afternoons.

SWAN : Ruffled Feathers (3.8%) [Amber]
A traditional bitter specially brewed for the 2017 Six Nations rugby tournament.

TEME VALLEY : This (3.7%) [Pale]
All the easy drinking virtues of a light ale. Perfect with a light lunch – a ploughman’s or a sandwich.

TEME VALLEY : T’other (3.5%) [Amber]
A pale beer brewed using Challenger and Goldings hops to give a delicate aroma and a gentle bitterness.

THIRST CLASS : New Zealand Pale (4.4%) [NZ Pale] {vegan}
A punchy and zesty pale ale with New World Hops.

THIRST CLASS x RIVINGTON : Path of Most Resistance (5.4%) [Gooseberry & Peppercorn Saison] {vegan}
This gooseberry and peppercorn saison is hopped with Hallertau Blanc and fermented with saison yeast, leaving aromatic tones.

THREE FIENDS : Bad Uncle Barry (4.2%) [West Coast Pale]
Award winning West Coast PA.

THREE FIENDS : Bandito (4.5%) [New England Pale]
An American pale ale quite dry with a bitter finish.

TORRSIDE : I’m Spartacus (6.8%) [IPA] {vegan}
Simcoe-led American IPA: I’m Spartacus! No! I’m Spartacus…

TOTALLY BREWED : Ninja Shark (3.8%) [Pale]
Amarillo and Cascade hopped session pale. Zesty, jammy.

TWISTED WHEEL : Sunday Sessions (4.5%) [NZ Session IPA]
An ultra pale, full bodied and well hopped Session IPA.

TWISTED WHEEL : Ten Pin Bitter (4.0%) [Bitter]
A traditional bitter, you won’t strike out with this one!

WIGAN BREWHOUSE : Blue Sky Tea (4.2%) [Loose Leaf Pale]
Sweet distinctive flavours of pink grapefruit and the delicate embellishment of blue cornflower petals. How do you take your tea, sorry beer? With one lump or two?

WIGAN BREWHOUSE : Gin Pit (4.3%) [Botanical Golden Ale]
A saffron coloured ale with a smooth malt balance and floral aroma with a twist; a dry spicy finish from the juniper berries and other gin botanicals.

WIGAN BREWHOUSE : R.P.M (3.7%) [Pale]
Initially hop-forward but then becomes a straight forward sweet Golden Ale.

WILD BEER : Curioso (4.5%) [Pale] {vegan}
Experimental hops and juicy flavours a real wild beer.

WILDE CHILD : Straight Outta Compton (4.9%) [West Coast Pale] {vegan}
Another unruly beast of a beer from over the Pennines.

WILY FOX : Karma Citra (4.3%) [Pale]
Good vibe golden ale, a quadruple hit of hops, hopster heaven.

WINDERMERE : Collie Wobbles (3.7%) [Pale]
The original “Brew Dogs” A classic, English session pale ale, underlined with subtle citrus notes and grapefruit aromas.