Important Stuff


Anyone under the age of 18 will be allowed entry to the festival with a responsible adult but must leave the venue before 18.00 (6pm)


Important information about food allergens. We are committed to providing accurate information about allergens contained within consumable products sold at our beer Festival as defined by EU Food Information for Consumers Regulation (1169/2011). All of our catering concessions can supply detailed information about the allergens contained in their food products so if you have a problem with certain food allergens please ask. Similar advice on the ingredients in the beers is available from our bar managers.


The Beer Festival is a completely NO SMOKING event. This extends to ALL tobacco products and E ‘vaping’. Anyone wishing to smoke or use vaping equipment MUST leave the hall via the staffed exit to the side of the Real Ale bar and smoke in the designated area.


Wigan CAMRA support the promotion of fellow CAMRA branches and festival sponsor material and kindly request any posters, flyers and leaflets are left at the membership team stand to display.


Wigan CAMRA want all our visitors to have a good time and if you are having a  problem which we can help with we will do. Please contact one of the festival managers on the membership stand who will endeavour to resolve or escalate the issue upon your behalf.

REMEMBER: Wigan CAMRA will not tolerate verbal or physical abuse of festival volunteer workers, caterers, or Robin Park staff and anyone committing such abuse will be ejected from the festival and if necessary the police will be called.

REFUNDS – unused tokens and glasses

Wigan CAMRA offer a full refund for any unused tokens (though we welcome donations to our nominated charity Wigan & Leigh Hospice) and for your Festival glass, should you not wish to keep it. HOWEVER ALL REFUNDS MUST BE CLAIMED AT THE DESK WITHIN 20 MINUTES OF TIME BEING CALLED AS OUR VOLUNTEERS NEED TO CASH UP THE TILLS SO THEY CAN GO HOME. Also due to our hire agreement with the venue we will be asking all visitors to leave the premises by 11:25pm on Thursday and Friday and 10pm on Saturday.