Cider & Perry

Our Cider and Perry offer for 2022 is shown below. Watch this space for 2023!

GWATKIN Herefordshire

Barb Wire Fruit 4%

Perry infused with Rhubarb

Kingston Black Dry 6%

Kingston Black, A favourite with the old farming communities and their traditional way of cider making; often kept for the vintage house cider and drunk on special occasions.

Oldfield Perry Medium 7.5%

The Oldfield pear is the queen of all the perry pear varieties, dating back many centuries, and was widely grown in the Three Counties area.

Red Diesel Fruit 4%

Perry infused with Strawberry

Stoke Red Sweet 6.5%

Stoke Red, the cider produced from this apple takes a long time to ferment, which makes the cider late to mature. The trees tend to be of a medium height and bear fruit early December. The apple, as you might guess from it’s name is a strong red colour with a slight tint of yellow.

HECKS Somerset

Blakeney Red Med/Sweet 6%

The Blakeney Red pear takes its name from the parish of Blakeney on the outskirts of the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire. Years ago it was known for its quality as a desert pear.

Browns Sweet 6.5%

Bred in Devon the early part of the 20th century, it produces a crisp, acidic cider with elderflower over-tones

Dabinett Dry 6.5%

Discovered by William Dabinet of Somerset, this is one of the most popular varieties of cider apple

Glastonbury Gold Med/Sweet 6.5%

Made with apples gathered from beneath Glastonbury Tor.

Hendre Huffcap Dry 6%

Hendre Huffcap is very easy drinking perry with hints of grape and light apricot.

Kingston Black Medium 6.5%

The Kingston Black arose in Somerset in the late 19th Century.

Slack-ma-Girdle Med/Dry 6.5%

A wine like cider which is fruity on the nose with an intriguing walnut aftertaste.

Sweet Coppin Sweet 6.5%

Sweet Coppin is a heritage variety.

PERRY’S Somerset

Barn Owl Med/Dry 5%

Styled on traditional Somerset farmhouse cider using only wild yeasts. Contains, Dabinetts, Redstreaks, Porters Perfection, Michelin, Browns, and Tremletts.

Grey Heron Sweet 5.5%

Rich and well-balanced cider. Blend of Redstreak and Dabinett apples.

Redstreak Medium 6.1%

Redstreak, fermented using a selection of wild and champagne yeasts to create a wonderfully refreshing crisp cider.

ROSS ON WYE Herefordshire

Dabinett Dry 6.8%


Vintage Oak Cask Medium 6.7%

Dabinett and Bisquet aged in Bourbon Oak Casks


Fanny’s Bramble Sweet 4%

Blend of Brown’s, Michelin, Dabinett with Blackberry

Ginger Medium 4%

Blend of Yarlington Mill, Michelin, Browns with ginger added

Hangy Downs Med/Sweet 5.5%

Hangy Downs maker says “Delicious baked apple and butterscotch flavours with a rich cider finish.”

The General Medium 8.4%

Blend of Yarlington Mill, Dabinett, Tremlett’s Bitter aged in oak vats.

SHEPPY’S Somerset

Traditional craft farmhouse cider blended (Dry, Medium or Sweet) from across the orchards of Three Bridges Farm where the Sheppy family have been making cider since 1917.

Farmhouse Dry 6%

Farmhouse Medium 6%

Farmhouse Sweet 6%

Blackberry & Elderflower Fruit 4%

A combination of dessert apple cider with blackberry juice and elderflower infusion.


Dry Dry 6.5%

Blends of Kingston Black, Brown Snout, Sheep’s Nose, and Yarlington Mill

Janet’s Jungle Juice Medium 6%

Sweet Sweet 6.5%


Autumn Med/Sweet 7.4%

Has wine like characters and is bright in colour, well balanced on the palate and releases a wonderful appley aroma.

Crisp Medium 4.5%

Smooth, palate-pleasing and refreshing. Session cider.

Dry Dry 6%

Traditional Dry Cider. Full bodied with a dry finish.

Medium Medium 6%

Traditional Devon Farmhouse Cider