Cider & Perry

Welcome to the Cider Bar. All of our products are gluten-free (GF), vegetarian and vegan-friendly. Some contain sulphates (please ask bar staff for details).

All of the products on the bar are natural; they contain the fermented juices of pressed Cider apples and Perry pears. Some of them have added fruit, a few are sweetened – naturally or artificially – whereas others are unadulterated in anyway and only contain pressed juice. Please feel free to ask for a taster. The bar staff are only too happy to make suggestions on what to try next. Most importantly, please enjoy responsibly.

Producer : Product (ABV%)
Broadoak : Rum & Raisin (4.0%) : This incredibly popular cider is sweet and boozy, like having a glass of your favourite dessert! [Somerset]

Broadoak : Sloe Gin (4.0%) : Infused with juniper and sloe berries, this cider has a great crisp finish, and will trick your tastebuds into thinking it’s summer already. [Somerset]

Broadoak : Pear and Chilli (4.0%) : Real perry pears have been blended with South Asia chillies, leaving a lovely warming finish that builds with every sip. A real unique drink! [Somerset]

Gwatkins : Red Diesel (Strawberry) (4.0%) : Gwatkin’s classic house cider blended with real British farm strawberries. Beautifully sippable, with a great jammy flavour.  [Herefordshire]

Lyme Bay : Cherry Cider (4.0%) : Back by popular demand! Real cherries make all the difference in this full and fruity cider, making it almost too easy to drink. [Lincolnshire]

Sea Cider : Passionfruit (4.0%) : Medium Suffolk cider expertly infused with the juice of exotic passion fruit. [Sussex]

Sea Cider : Marmalade (4.0%) : Sharp and zingy citrus fruits will have you sure you could spread this on your morning toast. [Sussex]

Sheppy’s : Blackberry & Elderflower (4.0%) : Sharp tangy blackberries and soft subtle elderflower are a match made in heaven! Balanced perfectly with the real cider apples. [Somerset]

Sheppy’s : Raspberry (4.0%) : Beautiful sharp raspberries and soft sweet cider apples make this a gorgeously balanced cider. [Somerset]

Snails Bank : Elderflower Gin & Tonic (4.0%) : Floral elderflower has been blended with quinine and juniper to give the real taste of a tall glass of G&T. [Herefordshire]

Snails Bank : Rhubarb (4.0%) : a real cider infused with Rhubarb and blended with vanilla for a smooth session cider.

Producer : Product (ABV%)
Ampleforth Abbey : Medium (6.5%) : Clear, easy drinking, medium cider, made by monks at Ampleforth Abbey in North Yorkshire from the Abbey’s own 10 acres of orchards for over 200 years. [North Yorkshire]

Double Vision : Impeared Vision Perry (7.0%) : Medium sweet, pale yellow unfiltered Perry with a sweet pear aroma. [Kent]

Green Valley : Dry (5.5%) : Blended dry cider made from only locally source Devon apples. This no-nonsense dry cider is strong, crisp and refreshing. [Devon]

Gwatkins : Norman (7.5%) : Ah Gwatkin, straight talking cider from Herefordshire. From the expansive orchards that grow around this dairy farm, this is a cloudy medium cider that is full of flavour. [Herefordshire]

Haywood Farm : Sweet (6.0%) : A new cider for this year for Wigan. Haywood Farm is based in Cornwall producing an easy drinking sweet cider, perfect to refresh your palette. [Cornwall]

Hecks : Kingston Black (6.5%) : Hecks is a Wigan Beer Festival favourite. Kingston Black refers to a single type of cider apple. This is pretty much as traditional as it gets. There’s no blending or messing around here, welcome to the cider equivalent of single malt whisky: the single variety. [Somerset]

Hecks : Cloudy Perry (6.0%) : The Hecks family have been making traditional farmhouse cider in Somerset for six generations, since 1841. Blended with Perry pears grown in Somerset. Producing a very light easy drinking Perry. [Somerset]

Nempnett : Medium Perry (6.5%) : Nempnett Perry is a cloudy straw colour with wonderful floral pear aroma. [Somerset]

Newton Court : Dabinett (6.3%) : From a lovely, friendly, family farm in Herefordshire comes this beautify single variety cider. There’s no blending or messing around here. Dabinett refers to a single apple type renowned for its full bodied flavour. [Herefordshire]

Newton Court : Dry Perry (6.0%) : Made with Perry pears handpicked in orchards from Yarkhill to Much Marcle. Medium with a juicy pear taste and delicate wine finish. [Herefordshire]

Olivers : Stoke Red (6.0%) : The cider produced from this apple takes a long time to ferment, which makes the cider late to mature. The trees tend to be of a medium height and bear fruit early December. The apple, as you might guess from its name is a strong red colour with a slight tint of yellow. [Herefordshire]

Olivers : Perry (6.0%) : Still, medium sweet, honeyed blend of red Perry pears. [Herefordshire]

Skidbrooke : Sweet (6.0%) : Clear, sweet cider. Really easy drinking. A good place to start your session. [Lincolnshire]

Westcroft : Janets Jungle Juice (6.5%) : A medium dry, clean, fresh, fruity cider with a golden haze. Full bodied and exquisitely quaffable. [Somerset]

Winkleigh Sam’s : Sweet (6.0%) : Our Sam’s Sweet Cider has a refreshing, clean and refined flavour. It is a full-bodied cider that is made from specially selected apples that have been sourced from local Devon growers to make a quality cider. [Devon]