Welcome to the Thirtieth Wigan Beer Festival organized by the Wigan Branch of the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA). A Big thank to the Inn the Bar Group of pubs for being our main sponsor this year it was great to see them reopen the Royal Oak on Standishgate with such a good refurbishment both inside and in the beer garden.

We have again divided the bar into two halves – The Light Side and the Dark Side. We invite you to try both the pale beers and the dark rich beers we have on offer and decide which you prefer. Within the real ales we have a wide choice styles from tasty milds and session bitters to citrussy blond ales robust strong IPAs and delicious chocolate stouts and coffee porters.

Real ale is also known as “cask conditioned” beer; the fundamental distinction between real and other ales is that the yeast is still present in the container from which the beer is served, although it will have settled to the bottom and is not poured into the glass. Because the yeast is still alive, the process of fermentation continues in the cask or bottle on the way to the consumer ensuring a fresh and natural taste. Of course no extra carbon dioxide or mixed gasses can be applied to the beer.

In addition to the Real Ales on the main bars we have Uncle Sam’s Cider Shack selling our biggest ever selection of Cider and Perry.

A must to try are the beers without frontiers on our Foreign Beers Bar which will feature over 20 draught beers from around the world. Also on this bar will be some British Key Keg Real Ales. Yes – that is real ale in a keg! The beer (still with live yeast) is contained in a bag inside a plastic container. Then gas or air pressure is applied to draw the beer out – the gas/air does not come into contact with the beer giving a longer shelf life without excessive carbonation.

The British pub is under threat with 11,000 traditional pubs closing over the last 7 years, however there has been an explosion of new small breweries and micro-bars specializing in real ales such that the beer choice locally has never been better.

You can also keep in touch with all local beery things at our website www.wigancamra.org.uk

Cheers, Brian Gleave & Ken Worthington (Festival organizers) Wigan CAMRA


Please help to promote our festival by downloading our festival poster and displaying in a prominent place in your workplace.

If you would like to be involved in sponsoring our festival, please check out the comprehensive range of packages by downloading our sponsorship forms – PDF format ; DOCX format.


Does anybody have any photographs that they are willing to share of past Wigan CAMRA Beer Festivals? We are looking to engage with the local press in promoting our 30th beer festival. They have asked us to look through our archives for any suitable material. Please can you help?

In the first instance, please contact photos@wigancamra.org.uk